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The SGB at PT Sanders Combined School consulted during construction of the new school: ASIDI

The SGB at PT Sanders Combined School consulted during construction of the new school: ASIDI

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Community Participation in the selection of school colours: Luckhoff Combined School building project

Luckhoff Combined school Deputy Principal, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and community members participated in the selection and choosing of school colours for the new school building that is under construction as part of the National Department of Basic Education's Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI) programme.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Key Social Facilitation Deliverables

As an experienced Social Facilitator, Joshua Mahlangu delivers services and advice in the following key performance areas:

l  Develop Community Engagement Plans (CEP’s), Communication Plans and Implementation Plan Matrix.

l  Conduct community research and Participatory Rapid Appraisals (PRA’s).

l  Develop Stakeholder Power Maps, Social Asset Analysis, Problem Tree Analysis and assessment reports based on local Integrated Development Plans (IDP’s).

l  Compile community profiles and community visioning.

l  Identify and define interested and affected parties and mobilise community input.

l  Establish community stakeholder committees and develop schedules of community meetings.

l  Conduct regular consultative meetings to secure buy-in and mutuality; and to ensure maximum community participation and sustainable partnerships.

l  Facilitate for the design and implementation to consider the concerns of community stakeholders.

l  Identify and analyse social issues and risks to the project.

l  Coordinate activities of Community Liaison Officers (CLO’s).

l  Assist to build sustainable municipal-corporate-community partnerships.

l  Co-ordinate the recruitment of project beneficiaries and provide beneficiary data for capturing onto the Beneficiary Information Management Systems (BIMS) and also compile monthly status reports and Post Implementation Reviews (PIR).

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cosmo City Residents Ordered to Stay Away from School Building Project

Through Social Facilitation, we assist to avoid and mitigate in challenges such as the one in the above link. Community engagement and social facilitation is a key resource in any community project.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Social Facilitation for ASIDI Free State: Pre-Implementation Phase

Our Social Facilitation engagement in the Department of Basic Education's Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative(ASIDI) in the Free State province includes three schools in the Xhariep Education District. The names of the three schools are:
- PT Sanders Intermediate School in Trompsburg, Kopanong Local Municipality
- Diamanthoogte Combined School in Koffiefontein, Letsemeng Local Municipality, and
- Luckhoff Combined School in Luckhoff, also in the Letsemeng Local Municipality.

Interested and affected parties were identified, local community representative structures were engaged and the community stakeholder steering committees were established in each of the three project sites. The process to source potential Community Liaison Officers (CLO's) is currently in progress. Appointments of CLO's will hopefully be finalized in the month of April 2013.

The Independent Development Trust (IDT) is the Implementing Agent for the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Crane Registered Quantity Surveyor are the appointed Programme Managers. The building contractors for the construction of the schools are yet to be announced.